What is Wondjina?

Wondjina is the term used by the Australian aboriginal people to define their Creator Gods of the Dream Time.

For the aboriginals, dream time was the 'real' world while the waking world was the pale reflection of reality.
This is also the term we use to reach beyond the ordinary into the extra-ordinary. Under normal circumstances organizations begin with the known limitations and then work forward towards possibility. We at Wondjina do things a little differently.

We begin with the assumption that the word 'impossible' is simply a misrepresentation of the word 'difficult'.
Science has now reached the point where it regards the 97% space that inhabits the spaces between the physically particles as 'dark energy' - and the real substance of reality. It is with this understanding that we believe that there is more than enough resources around us to support whatever project is NEEDED. The curious thing about this outlook is that having committed TO any project, we find that the resources DO come from the most unexpected sources!

So what is it we do? At Wondjina we support humanitarian projects globally. We are not a free handout. We structure financial tools in a manner that allows the projects to support themselves. We believe in full-accountability at all levels.

It is our intention that the name of Wondjina becomes a byword for integrity and quality in the field of humanitarian support.

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